Best of FC Silmi clips on FIFA 23

The virtual football club, the FC Silmi, a back in service on Monday 10 October. Domingo, DFG, Jiraya, Xari, Mister MV, Rivenzi, Stars and Lowan met on FIFA 23 to start a new season that promises to be eventful. The objective? To win as many games as possible to finally get out of Division 4.

We suggest you live or relive this evening through a selection of best clips.

Strength in numbers

A very nice back pass from DFG has enabled Xari to score a superb goal to bring the team back to 1-1.

Hello moon, this is earth

Lulled by very soothing music, Stars was not particularly focused on the action on the pitch. Reacting at the last moment, he was unable to stop the ball from coming straight at him.

Slowly but surely?

Jiraya The result is a disaster that unfolds in three acts: small steps, aiming, missing the goal. Fortunately, his mates have a great sense of humour!

When it doesn't want to, it doesn't want to

The previous clip showed this, Jiraya doesn't aim straight and he proves it again in this clip. But the action started well enough, Rivenzi had seen to that.

Attempts are made to eliminate opponents

Hard to take a goal because of the sweep of Rivenzi on an opponent. And that's the yellow card...

And that's the buuuuuuut

Superb interception by Domingo who scores a MA-GNI-FI-QUE goal.

A golden pass

Mister MV was on form on his passes last night, according to his teammate DFGwho managed to score some very good goals with it.

To watch or rewatch FC Silmi's matches on FIFA 23, visit the players' Twitch channels.