BeGenius leaves VCL France and Valorant

After a first Split 1 rich in structure departures, BeGenius also announces its withdrawal from the VCL France. Just like Sector One and Heet, the organisation simply leaves the Valorant scene and the players are now without a structure for the rest of the competition.

BeGenius confirmed the announcement in a Twitter statement the end of the team and responded to recent reviews from the manager regarding its alleged financial difficulties.

Indeed, after reading the Twitlonger of QuentinBTX, many were waiting for BeGenius' response to get to the bottom of the story. The manager had placed particular emphasis on the delays in payment players, but also the critical financial situation of BeGenius.

On the evening of Sunday 12th March, we learned from a source outside BeGenius that the club had been in receivership since the middle of the week. Everyone is in shock, no one has been informed by anyone from the management, for reminder: one week after having been reassured on the financial situation of the club. Fake excuses follow each other but the situation is clear, BeGenius is dead. To date, no one has been paid for the month of February, players and staff alike, and I won't even dare to mention the beginning of March.


Very quickly, the structure has denied the potential situation of judicial liquidation reported by the manager. BeGenius has assured that all bills will be honoured, so the community's concerns have been calmed. Despite this, the team is disbanded and the players are left without an organisation for the rest of the VCL. A predictable decision and in line with the last messages from Ooriime, Jakexd and KONEQT on Twitter indicating their availability.

While waiting for a new structure to welcome the players, the latter have unveiled the name of their team: Autobahn. A rather ironic choice given their delicate position. All that remains is to keep our fingers crossed that the players can find an organisation to accompany them during the Split 2.

Once again, this story highlights the difficulties that structures have in finding a sustainable business model in the field of esport. Even if BeGenius was reassuring about the future, the situation is such that they could not keep their team active. Only they know the reasons for this, but several structures before them had to stop before the end of Split 1.

A instability which could be explained in part by the youth of the amateur and professional esport scene on Valorant. And that, despite the efforts of the community and the investment of the editor, the game remains recent and installing a viable scene takes time. While waiting for the environment to evolve, the actors of the scene are doing their best to reduce its precariousness.