beGenius presents its team for Challengers France 2023

The Valorant competitive season will resume on 14th January with the Challengers France 2023. With just a few days to go before the first matches, the latest announcements concerning the teams are being made one after the other. After those of the SBG Mix or the Joblife team, we now know the players who will represent beGenius during the two Splits. The structure has signed TiduS, KONEQT, Ooriime, OniBy and Jakexd.

In 2022, beGenius will join VLR France: Revolution, alongside Mandatory, Sector One and BDS. During the first Split, the players were among the best in France, even reaching the semi-finals. In the second segment of the year, the team struggled to find success, but still qualified for the finals, only to fall in the quarterfinals. More recently, the structure participated in the Valorant French Cup where it finished in 9/12th position.

After a renewal of its visual identity, the beGenius structure has made changes in its Valorant roster. From the 2022 team, there are no more members left. The organisation has chosen to rely on new faces, most of them known to the scene, namely TiduS, KONEQT, Ooriime, OniBy and Jakexd.

Guillaume Trinh, alias Tidus, is an experienced player who has participated in many competitions. He particularly shone last year, when he reached the promotion-relegation tournament for the VRL in the Atletec team.

More recently, he participated in the French Cup, along with two other players from the roster: Jakexd and Ooriime. He doesn't have as much pro experience on Valorant, but is still a very good player. Jakexd, on the other hand, came through Team Heretics, then Wylde, by playing successively in the Spanish and French VRL.

They will be accompanied by KONEQT, another renowned French player. During the first VLR Split, he rose to the top with Sector One, before joining OG for the second half of the year. The beGenius roster is completed by OniBy, former CGN Esports player. Specialized in the role of Initiator, he is one of the finalists of the Lyon-Esport. In the hands of Fade and Sova, he particularly distinguished himself during the Final, a match which ended in the victory of Mandatory.

This new team will try to win its first match of the French Challengers next week. It will face Heet in the opening match of the competition.