Become the Nightmare - Masters 1 Reykjavik cinematic

It's something that Riot Games has become accustomed to: cinematics. Whether it's to highlight characters, announce events, or simply illustrate music, the developers are masters in the art of making us dream. On the occasion of the Masters 1 Reykjavik, a video has just been published on the social networks of the Valorant Champions Tour. However, the word "dream" is not particularly appropriate this time.

Become the Nightmare, this is the name of the cinematic of the first Masters of the year. Beyond its name, everything is done to make you shiver and create fear in the mind. The music is oppressive and the images seen in the video evoke common phobias: spiders, snakes or claustrophobia. The atmosphere is strange and frightening, and would be very suitable for a horror film.

Throughout the cinematic, a female voice accompanies us and seems to directly question us about our fears. Could it be the reputation? The unknown? Or perhaps the pressure? She invites us to face them and become the nightmare.

It also shows an individual walking up the steps, probably symbolising the players' ascent through the event. Become the Nightmare is really about them. Each of them will have to face their fears. Moreover, each team will indeed be the nightmare of another, but which one will be the ultimate nightmare and make it to the top?

A reference to the next Agent?

Looking at this cinematic, we can think that some elements are references to the next Agent. Indeed, even if little information has been revealed about it, it seems that the eye and the stalk are recurring elements of the character. However, in the video we can see milky white eyes staring at us intensely, as if they were watching our every move.

Moreover, John Goscicki, the producer of the characters, announced in the article Status of Agents of the month that the next Agent would have a particular topic. He also mentioned a recurring nightmare and ended with "Herkesin bir korkusu var", a Turkish phrase that translates as "Everyone is afraid".

This video could therefore be a more or less hidden way of teasing the next character of the game. We'll have to wait a little longer to find out, but we're already looking forward to discovering more about him.