BcJ joins M80 for the 2024 season

Recently, M80 announced the acquisition of BcJformer Evil Geniuses player. For his part, the winning structure at Valorant Champions seems to be in trouble. The uncertainty surrounding the future of Riot Games' FPS and the future of its players is growing by the day. Concerns are making themselves felt.

A new adventure for BcJ

Brendan " BcJ "Jensen is a former Apex Legends pro player. In 2020, he switched to Valorant. The following year, he joined the ranks of from XSETwith whom he took part in the first two editions of the Valorant Champions Tour. His team reached the final of the Challengers North America several times and even finished 5th/6th in the World Championships last year.

Its good overall performance is of interest and Evil Geniuses recruited him for the following season. In the end, BcJ only played a handful of matches in 2023 - at Lock In and in the Americas League - as he did not take part in the Tokyo Masters or even the Valorant Champions. Even though he was still under contract with the structure. Shortly after the tournament ended, BcJ has been benched. Last October, he is leaving the club for good looking for a new project.

Today he announced join M80 and VCL North America for 2024. Last season, M80 simply dominated the circuit, winning the play-off tournament in particular and reaching the final of the Ascension. Following that narrow loss, the players were released from their obligations. Since then, johnqtan excellent in-game leader, has been recruited by Sentinels and eeiu has signed with 100Thieves.

For the moment, we don't know whether the other inactive members, koalanoob, NiSMO and Zander, will finally be renewed. With the acquisition of BcJ, M80 begins rebuilding its roster and already has a versatile player. For the record, BcJ plays both Sentinels and Controllers.

Evil Geniuses, a vague future on Valorant?

Despite the short time remaining before the next season, Evil Geniuses has yet to reveal the identity of the players who will represent it in 2024. And with good reason! The structure still seems "in talks with its current roster.

In September, shortly after winning the Valorant Champions, Ethan, C0M, Boostio, jawgemo, Demon1 and ScrewFace were offered contract renewals, provided they accept a significant pay cut. Nothing has been confirmed by the group on this subject, but several tweets posted by those concerned themselves seem to confirm a complex and tense situation with management.

For the moment, the players have not communicated whether or not they will remain with Evil Geniuses in 2024, thus accepting the ultimatum imposed on them. And if any of them do decide to jump ship, they'll just have to wait and see. at the end of their contract in 2024. The absence of an announcement could also be explained by the fact that the structure seeks to retain its members at all costs. For example, by asking an exorbitant contract buy-out price to potential clubs interested in its players or by refusing offers received.

If that's bad enough, the uncertainty surrounding Evil Geniuses' future on Valorant is actually even greater. We recently learned that the withdrawal of Evil Geniuses from the LCS and the end of its League of Legends activities. Bearing in mind that the group has also released its Dota 2 roster and that many people have probably been made redundant recentlyWe have to wonder whether he will even keep his Valorant team in 2024...

As the days went by, the places available in the other clubs became increasingly scarce, leaving C0M and his companions with few options. Some of them are worried and Boostio even shared a job application for McDonald's with the message "Wish me luck.