aspas joins Leviatán for VCT Americas 2024

After the announcement of the end of his contract with LOUD, aspas is looking for a new structure for the 2024 season. We now know that the Brazilian prodigy will continue his career at Leviatánwhere he will replace Tacolilla, the former duellist of the South American structure.

The off-season is a crucial time for playersIn fact, many clubs are making changes to their rosters in order to remain as competitive as possible for the following season. During the mercato phase, certain talents are the object of covetousness, and the least we can say is thatErick Santos aka aspas was the centre of attention.

As soon as the Brazilian prodigy announced the end of his contract with LOUD, speculation about his future home was rife. After several weeks of uncertainty, the fog has finally lifted. In a hair-raising video, we discovered that aspas has chosen to stay in the American League by joining Leviatán.

For the record, Erick Santos played for LOUD for almost two years. With his old mates, he has become one of Brazil's best playersand even the world. At the Valorant Champions 2022, they went on to win the final, a match at the end of which the star player was awarded the title of MVP. At the same time, he was more than effective...

And similar titles, aspas landed many more during the VCT 2023. Always a top performer with his Jett, not to say monstrous, he won no fewer than four match MVP awards in five matches. at the Lock In.

LOUD went on to totally dominate the Americas League. aspas was no stranger to his team's success, quite the opposite in fact, so much so that he was doubly decorated at the end of the final. On the one hand, he was awarded the title of League MVPand the title of Best Duelist in the League. It goes without saying that Leviatán has acquired a major asset for its new roster!

She has already performed very well on the Brazilian circuit in previous years, Leviatán could well become one of the teams to watch in the international LANs in 2024. We can't wait to see who the latest addition to the roster will be.