aspas and LOUD, the end of an adventure

At present, very few Valorant professional players can boast of having achieved the rank of World Champion. Erick Santos, better known as aspasis part of this restricted population, having won the second edition of the Valorant Champions when he was with LOUD. As his contract has come to an end, he is now looking for a new structure.

Although he began his career as a Valorant pro with the favela aimmersaspas has made a name for itself thanks to SLICKwith whom he took part in the first edition of the Valorant Champions Tour.

In January 2022, the young Brazilian managed to qualify for the first stage of the VCT Brazil with the Pancada e Amigos mix. The performance did not go unnoticed, and LOUD wasted no time in recruiting him and his team. Less, Saadhak, pANcada and Sacyto take up Valorant esports. This marks a major turning point in his career.

They hit the nail on the head, to say the least. They simply dominated the first Challengers, not dropping a single card in the tournament. Thanks to this victory, they then took part in the Masters 1 in Reykjavik. And once again, they came up trumps. pANcada and his mates reached the final, beating some big teams along the way, including G2 and OpTic Gaming.

Even if LOUD finally lost to OpTicIt was a very good performance for this newcomer to international LANs. Aspas was no stranger to his team's success. At the end of the competition, he had one of the top five ratings.

This was followed by another victory in the Challengers Brazil, and then a crushing defeat at the Copenhagen Masters. After that setback, they came back even more determined. The Brazilians went in search of the title of World Championsin a rematch facing OpTic Gamingin the final of the Valorant Champions.

Aspas wears the Valorant Champions 2022 trophy.

We might have expected the roster to stay together for VCT 2023, but there were a few changes at the end of the season. pANcada and Sacy have been recruited by Sentinelswhile LOUD signed cauanzin and tuyz to replace them.

The new line-up worked well and came second at the Lock In Brazil, after a heartbreaking match against Fnatic. In the League of the AmericasIn fact, aspas and his team-mates wreaked havoc, topping the regular season before beating NRG in the final.

A top performer throughout the competition, aspas was doubly rewarded: on the one hand, he was awarded the title of League MVP and also won the title of Best Duelist in the League. It has to be said that he had the best overall rating, at 1.23, as well as the best ACS, at 246.7 and the best KD, at 1.47.

Unfortunately, the Tokyo Masters was not as successful. LOUD are knocked out at the start of the play-offsafter two successive defeats, first to Evil Geniuses, then to the Chinese team EDward Gaming.

As a result of their victory in the American League, they automatically acquired a slot for the Valorant Champions. After a complicated group phase, they stayed in the bottom bracket for a while, after eliminating Fnatic and Natus Vincere in particular. Nevertheless, LOUD did not win another title, and the team had to be content with a TOP3 finish.

After two years with LOUD, aspas' contract came to an end. So, in mid-September, he announced that he was looking for a structure. Today, his former home thanked him for his work, making his departure official at the same time.

For the moment, the player has not said anything about the next stage of his career. We imagine that with his track record and talent, he shouldn't have too much trouble finding another team for VCT 2024.