ardiis replaces cNed at Natus Vincere

The aim is to put together the best possible roster for 2024, Natus Vincere signed ardiis. This acquisition marks the return of the entire former FunPlus Phoenix roster, which was one of the most successful European teams in 2022. With this new player, NaVi could well put an end to Fnatic's domination in the EMEA League and dethrone Team Liquidnext year.

Selected for the EMEA League in September 2022, Natus Vincere had completely rebuilt its roster by signing former FunPlus Phoenix players. Well, almost all of them. ardiis flew to the United States after signing with NRG for the 2023 season. To fill the vacant slot, NaVi turned to cNed, whose structure - Acend - was not franchised.

In the run-up to the Valorant Champions Tour 2024, Natus Vincere has chosen to reunite the entire ex-FPX team. Most recently, she announced the return of ardiisand took the opportunity to thank cNed for "his professionalism and brilliant matches"..

There is no doubt that this meeting will benefit NaVi and ardiis alike. During the 2023 season, ANGE1, Shao, Zyppan and Suygetsu had a more or less satisfactory year. NaVi finished 3/4th in the Lock In, 4th in the EMEA League and 11/12th in the Tokyo Masters. For their part, ardiis and his NRG cohorts reached 5th/8th place in the Lock In, before finishing second in the Americas League and 4th in the Tokyo Masters.

If the synergy that existed between these five players is still there, we could well see them back at the top next year. As a reminder, under the FPX banner, they dominated the European scene in 2022. They even won the Copenhagen Masters on a crazy move by Suygetsu.

Like the nine other VCT EMEA teams, Natus Vincere will be taking part in the at the Kick-Off Tournementwhich is due to start at the end of January 2024. We can't wait to see them playing together again!