Araxys skins available tomorrow in the shop

The Revelation episode brings various new contents. In addition to the Lotus map or the return of Split, this chapter arrives with the superb collection of Araxys skins. These weapons are of alien origin, fashioned from extraordinary materials and powered by dangerous energy. Handle them correctly, and you can enjoy unparalleled firepower to take down your opponents with elegance.

Skins are an integral part of Valorant, and has been for a long time already. However, Riot Games is still innovating in the way it presents them to the community. For the new Araxys collection, the studio has unveiled a bloody and dark trailer. The trailer takes players on a journey across the universe to meet the beings behind these weapons of unknown technology.

For this new bundle, the aim was to create a cosmetic line that embodies danger, both elegant and aggressive, as indicated by Stefan Jevremovic, Artistic Director for Valorant:

The aim was to create a skinline that embodied the danger, mystery and power of an unknown and potentially hostile alien race. We wanted the result to look technologically advanced, but too dangerous to be handled without care by humanity. Something elegant but aggressive, futuristic but inherently dark.

Stefan Jevremovic, Artistic Director

A total of 5 weapons will be available to take on a futuristic and menacing look. These are the Vandal, the Operator, the Shorty, the bulldog, but also the melee weapon, entitled Araxys Bio Harvester. The set will also include a gunbuddy, a card and a spray in the same graphic spirit. To purchase this set, you will need to pay 8700 VP. As usual, it will be possible to purchase a particular weapon if you do not want the whole bundle.

Araxys skins bundle

Skins enthusiasts will be delighted to learn that the Araxys collection features both coloured variants, as well as a finisher for the eliminations. All weapons, including melee, are available in a different version: purple, black and red, or even grey.

While waiting to wield your alien weapons in Valorant, you can get the Cryostasis collection, available until tomorrow. The Araxys collection will take its place in the shop from 11th January 2023.