An ELO system in preparation for Radiant players

The ranked games have been back on Valorant for two weeks, but the system fails to win unanimous support. Many players express themselves regarding the system of ranking set up, and among the dissatisfied ones, we find Mixwell. The captain of the G2 Esports team would like to see an ELO system implemented for Radiant players.

In a reply, Riot Ziegler announced that they're working on a similar system. The best players would then be able to compare their level using a numerical value, rather than all being categorised as "Radiant players".

Nothing has been announced for the previous ranks, yet an LP system could benefit the ladder. One of the most common criticisms of the ranked games is how fast you can rank up or down. It prevents having a stable situation and really knowing one's level of play. Slowing down the ranking evolution could give a little more stability.

We already know that Riot Games is not afraid to make some changes to the Competitive mode. Things could then improve quickly.