Alliance separates with its team to focus on a Nordic roster

Alliance has announced that it will rebuild your Valorant roster by focusing on Nordic players. With this in mind, the Swedish structure has released almost all of its current team, including the Frenchman Fearoth.

Alliance on the competitive scene

Alliance is one of the biggest European teams. On the French scene, the structure has notably distinguished itself by reaching the Valorant Open Tour France Grand Final against Vitality. During the previous edition of the VCT, the team managed to reach the quarter-finals of the Phase 1 Challengers 2 EU, thus participating in the first European Masters. Later in the year, the team came top of the Finest Invitational, beating Natus Vincere.

Earlier this year, Alliance made two attempts to integrate the VCT2022 EMEA Challengers 1, but in vain. It was in the VRL Northern Europe: Polaris that the roster entered the competition. During the regular season, the players performed particularly well, conceding only one game out of seven. Unfortunately, the results were not as good in the playoffs and the team finished in fourth place. The structure therefore took action for the second split, and chose to almost completely rebuild its roster.

A new beginning for Alliance

In an official statement published on the structure's website, it is understood that Alliance has decided to review its current team. This decision implies the departure of 4 players, namely Zik, Fearoth, luckeRRR and hype.

In the same press release, we learn that Fearoth, luckeRRR and hype are in the process of transitioning to their next teams, and that their pro careers are not at an end. By the way, Kelly Ong, co-owner of the structure, thanks them for their work within Alliance and for selling their individual talent:

We genuinely believe that our players are individually very talented, they have also grown to become fantastic team players. We fell just short of a chance to be on the next step of the competitive stage, so during the off-season we focused on finding transfers for them to teams that are in VCT because they deserve it. I thank them on behalf of the entire Alliance organization for their hard work and exceptional progress they have made under us during these past 16 months.

Kelly Ong, co-owner of Alliance

While waiting for the next Valorant Champions Tour, Alliance focuses on the second split of the Polaris Nordic League. It is around Seider, last player of the ex-roster, that the team will be rebuilt with the help of the current coach and the last player of the ex-roster. With the help of the current coach, Desmo, the structure has decided to focus on Nordic players and will take over the league with a Danish 100% roster.