Alliance part ways with Krea6on

Surprise announcement this weekend, the team Alliance has decided to separate from Krea6on. This is a surprising decision, since the team has nevertheless had good results and has qualified for the Masters EU.

Alliance team was formed less than a month ago, but has already decided to make a change, despite its performance. James Banks, General Manager of the team, has published the following statement :

It may come as a surprise to read this to many of the Alliance fans after our early success with the VALORANT squad and qualifying for Masters but today we are making a change to the roster. We have decided to remove krea6on from the team, effective immediately.

krea6on is an incredible individual player and helped us get to where we are but due to his lack of team experience we made the decision to bring a new player in so we can continue our growth and reach our goals.

We don't know yet who will replace Krea6on, but we can easily imagine that the Alliance players are already training with their future 5th player. Rumours talk about ec1s, since he has been without a team since he left Team Liquid last week.