All about Episode 1 of Valorant

The beta phase is now over. The global health situation left it unclear whether the game would be released before the summer. Despite these doubts, Riot Games decided to go ahead with the game anyway. launch Valorant. The FPS story begins with Episode 1, entitled Ignition. It will be divided into three separate Acts, each of which will allow for new content.

We take stock of everything that Episode 1 and its Acts add to Valorant.

Episode 1 - Act 1

Start: 2nd June 2020 - End: 4th August 2020

The official launch of Valorant is an opportunity for Riot Games to incorporate several new elements. Highly anticipated by the gaming community, a new map has been introduced, namely Ascent. In addition to this good news, a new character, ReynaThe Agent selection is now included in the game. As if that wasn't enough, the studio is offering players a new game mode, the Feel The Rush. Finally, following the numerous competitions that were organized during the beta, Riot decided to launch its own tournament program, the Ignition Series.

Launch Cinematic

Reynathe new duelist

valorant guide to mastering Reyna

Act 1 sees the arrival of a brand new agent, Reyna. This duelist uses the corpses of her opponents to her advantage.

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Presentation of Ascent

Valorant: Map Ascent

After Bind, Haven, Split, Valorant has a fourth map. Find out in detail what Ascent has in store for you.

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Battle Pass

Combat Pass Episode 2 Act 1

All free and premium Battle Pass rewards from Episode 1, Act 1.

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Spike Rush mode

Valorant: the Spike Rush

Discover the new intense and fast mode called Spike Rush.

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the Ignition Series

Valorant Serie Embrasement : Vignette

Follow all the tournaments of this first competition programme on Valorant.

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The patches for Episode 1, Act 1:

  • Patch 1.00 (Reyna, Ascent, Spike Rush, Agent Balancing)
  • Patch 1.01 (Sage's Nerve, Spike Rush Modifications)
  • Patch 1.02 (Classified games, Changes on maps, Abandonment option, Balancing)
  • Patch 1.03 (Adjustment for the Guardian, Bugs on the maps)
  • Patch 1.04 (Balancing, Classic modification)

Episode 1 - Act 2

Start: 4 August 2020 - End: 13 October 2020

In addition to the contribution of a new recruit, KilljoyAct 2 is mainly about balancing the different agents and the numerous weapons. In addition, a problem quickly became apparent in ranked games: deserters in the first round. To remedy this problem, Riot has added a Cancellation option of the match.

Launch Cinematic

New Agent: Killjoy

New Agent: Killjoy - Valorant

If you're a technology fan, check out Killjoy, the new Sentinel from Valorant.

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Battle Pass

Combat Pass Rewards Chapter 1: Act 2

All free and premium Battle Pass rewards from Episode 1, Act 2.

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Episode 1, Act 2 patches:

  • Patch 1.05 (Killjoy, Fight to the death, Raze's Nerve)
  • Patch 1.06 (Modifications for shotguns)
  • Patch 1.07 (Agent balancing, Weapon adjustments, Cancellation option)
  • Patch 1.08 (Nerve of the explosive Raze pack)
  • Patch 1.09 (Operator's Nerve, Balancing Agents)

Episode 1 - Act 3

Start: 13 October 2020 - End: 12 January 2021

This is the end of the first episode of Valorant! This final Act brings a lot of new features. Much awaited by the players, Icebox has been added to the map pool. The selection of Agents is also growing, with the arrival of Skyea protective agent for the Earth. Act 3 is also the occasion for Riot Games to organise its first big tournament, the Valorant First Strike.

Launch Cinematic

Presentation of Icebox

Icebox presentation: Map Valorant

Engage in fierce battles in this new map covered in snow and ice.

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Battle Pass

Combat Pass Act 3

All free and premium Battle Pass rewards from Episode 1, Act 3.

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New Agent: Skye

Agent Skye: Valorant

In tune with Nature, Skye is the new Initiator of Valorant. Discover all her summonses and their influences in-game.

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Valorant First Strike

Find out more about the Valorant First Strike

The Valorant First Strike is one of the first big tournaments. Organised by Riot Games, it aims to reveal the best teams from each region of the world.

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Valorant 2020 Review - Part 1

BILAN Valorant 2020 - Game Service

The first act of Valorant is coming to an end. It is time to look back at the creation and implementation of the FPS.

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Valorant 2020 Review - Part 2

BILAN Valorant 2020 - Esport

After discussing the genesis of Valorant, let's go into detail about the esports future of Riot Games' FPS.

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The patches for Episode 1, Act 3:

  • Patch 1.10 (Icebox, Modifications to classified games)
  • Patch 1.11 (Skye, Left-handed mode, Agent balancing)
  • Patch 1.12 (Improvement of the spectator mode)
  • Patch 1.14 (Changes to Icebox, Adjustments for Sage, Snowball mode)