Akroma recruits ex-BeGenius and launches VCL on Split 2

Since the first Split of the Valorant Challengers France, BeGenius and 3DMax have withdrawn from the tournament leaving their players without an organisation for the rest of the tournament. It is in this context that new structures are appearing. Following the example of Solary, Akroma also enters the dance with a roster composed of former orphan players.

Present in Div2 on League of Legends, Akroma has granted itself a second esport team, this time on Valorant. They decided to welcome a large part of the Autobahn team in their roster. Autobahn being the name given to them by the former players and staff members of BeGenius following the removal of the structure.

Now supervised by Akroma, Jakexd, OniBy and TiduS will be able to continue their journey in the VCL with peace of mind. Having finished the first Split at the doors of the playoffs, the trio knows their weaknesses, but also most of their future opponents. This is a great advantage before the rest of the tournament.

Two other players now accompany this trio, hr2Xv3 and 10K. Main duellist, hr2Xv3 has accumulated experience in the Open Tour by playing in numerous teams such as ENEMI3S or HAKUBA Esports. On his side, 10K is specialised in the role of Initiator. Like his new teammate, he played in the Open Tour and finished second in the tournament with the booskaHS team.

In addition, Akroma recruits the former coach and the former manager of BeGenius, Road and QuentinBTX. The staff members know the trio well and will have to integrate the two latest recruits into their strategies. A new formation that will be able to give a second wind and perhaps allow the team to go further than the previous Split.

A new organisation means new challengers. We will have the opportunity to discover what they are capable of this weekend. Their first meeting will take place this Saturday 8th April.