Agent 'Sprinter' leaks on Prime Gaming

Valorant's new Agent, code name Sprinter, was revealed a little too early on the networks! Indeed, while most people were celebrating New Year's Eve, a visual of the next Valorant Agent was partially shown in Prime Gaming's offers.

The leak of Sprinter probably came from a simple timing error among Amazon Prime's promotional offers. When we switched from December to January, the site automatically updated and the page dedicated to Valorant offers then displayed a partial image of a previously unknown Agent.

Sprinter on Prime Gaming
Sprinter on Prime Gaming

Twitch/Amazon reacted very quickly to change the image, but, of course, it was too late. Once this visual was released, it was not really possible to hush up the leak. The official Valorant account then decided to share the complete visual and to give an appointment to the players in a week.

We don't know much about this Agent, other than her code name: Sprinter. According to some sources, she is expected to use electricity-based abilities, but these may be mere hints at the fact that she is lightning fast.

Sprinter had already been teased at Valorant Champions finale. At that time, we had a brief glimpse of her silhouette. She should enter the battle with the Episode 4 of Valorant, probably during Patch 4.00 expected next week.