Agent 22 will be unveiled on 4th March at the Lock//In Final

It's official, Agent 22 will be announced this Saturday 4th March before the final of the LOCK//IN São Paulo. Indeed, during the opening showmatch between Tarik's team and FRTTT's team, the two captains will make a public demonstration of the next Valorant character.

What we know about Agent 22

Since the first illustration shared last week, Riot Games unveiled two new teasers for Agent 22.

These short videos give us more information on the character, the origin and appearance of the Agent. If we look at the content of the messages, especially in the second video, Agent 22 looks quite dissipated or nonchalant. Furthermore, it is discovered that the Agent was to bring back " tamales " to their mother, a typical Latin American food that might suggest its origins.

Beyond the messages that scroll through your phone, you can deduce many things from their surroundings. Between the junk food, the return of the bubble tea and candy, Agent 22 seems to be pretty young and connected. The music in the second video also supports this.

The idea that this new agent would be accompanied by a creature is somewhat confirmed. If we pay attention, we find a kind of creature similar in the phone's wallpaper. However, these elements should be taken with a pinch of salt until we know what Agent 22's abilities are.

To find out more, come to the LOCK//IN final on Saturday 4th March at 6pm to discover Agent 22 and the winner of the first VCT 2023.