Agent 21 Of Valorant, Harbor, Revealed

The teasing of Agent 21 is getting more intense by the day and he should soon join the game. While we already had many clues about his origins and skills, Riot Games is now offering us a visual of the next Controller and also reveals his real name: Harbor.

Agent 21 should be available in Valorant soon, and for good reason, Riot Games is revealing more and more about him. Recently, a short video was published about him, showing him in India, riding a motorbike and being chased by other agents. If his face had not been shown until now, it is now.

Harbor, the Agent 21 of Valorant, is revealed with a first image - first visual agent 21 valorant -

So here is the one who should soon join the game. While it was assumed that his name was Varun Batra, it seems that his real name is Harbor. From the visuals, this new Agent will indeed have water-related abilities, as we have been assuming for some time now. However, apart from his name written in Hindi, there is no full confirmation of his Indian nationality, as the many clues left by the game's developers would suggest.

The big question now is: Does he have a special connection with Pearl? The last map released is indeed located under the ocean and Harbor controls the water. Also, Pearl and Harbor, well... Do you have a particular message for us Riot Games?

Now that his face is known, we can't wait to find out exactly what his abilities will be. Logically, this information should soon be made public, as our new Controller should be released in the next few days.