Agent 21 of Valorant will be a Controller

It's official, we now know a little more about Agent 21 of Valorant. The game's development teams have spoken out about the new Agent in the State of the Agents in September 2022. According to John "RiotMEMEMEME" Goscicki, this new character will be a Controller.

We reveal everything we know about it in this article.

The teasing has finally begun to hype players before the release of Agent 21. Although little information has been revealed at this time, we already know that it will be a Controller. Indeed, it has been a long time since there was a new one, the latest being Astra, released at the end of February 2021. It is not yet known whether this new character will be a man or a woman or even what his or her abilities will be.

However, it is known that there is a very high probability that this Agent is from India, and in particular Bombay. This is what several clues left here and there by Riot Games suggest. Firstly, John Goscicki ended the State of the Agents with the phrase "Jald hi milte hain.", which literally means "See you soon" in Hindi, one of the official languages of the Indian Union.

Then an image with the name Samosa Chaat has been unveiled. It should be noted that the Samosa Chaat is a Indian street food which is very popular in the country. It is this dish that could be on the right of the picture. In addition, the building on the left could very probably be the Gateway of India, a monument that can be found in Bombay.

Teaser Agent 21

When you go to the training ground, you can find another clue on a board. This one shows a map of India and a small photo, linked by a line to a destination on the said map. The point that is designated could well be Bombay.

Agent 21 of Valorant will be a Controller - agent 21 valorant teasing -

Finally, when you go to the Brimstone office, still on the training range, you can listen to a voice message left by Skye, which states: " Hey, I'm in the mangroves, took forever. This place is huge, but I found the spot. The fugitive was here. So was REALM, there was definitely a firefight. Here's the weird thing though. I fished up these spent bullets from the water. Fired west to east. But they're not scattered like you would expect, they dropped in a semi-circle. Clearly they were aimed at the same target, so you'd expect some grouping, but this is too uniform. I don't know. Anyway, REALM's conboy turned north, we'll keep on him.

After some checking, it turns out that there are mangroves in India, in the Bombay region. Could the fugitive Skye is talking about be Agent 21? To find out more, we will have to wait a little longer. However, there is a good chance that this new character will be available soon after the Valorant Champions, of which final will take place on 18th September.

It is therefore very likely that new information will be revealed soon. Stay tuned!