Act Rank and Badge: the new ranked system of Valorant

Last week, the files of patch 1.04 allowed us to discover in advance that the ranks system was going to change. The Valorant official website has just confirmed this by presenting the future functioning of the ranked games ranks.

The Act Rank

The main criticism of the current ranked games is the speed at which you can move up or down the rankings. The developers believe that this dissatisfaction is due to the possibility of tumbling down and losing the fruit of their efforts following a series of bad games.

The functioning itself will not be changed, but something will be added very soon to the current competitive rank: an Act Rank.

Valorant: Act Rank
The Act Rank

The Act Rank is a rank that is based solely on your best 9 ranked wins. By "best win", Riot means your wins at the highest ranks. These victories will me symbolised by a brand new badge that will be built little by little.

The Act Rank Badge

Your Act Badge is actually the large empty triangle that was datamined last week. For each victory in ranked games, you will get a small triangle in the colour of your rank. This triangle will be housed in your badge, as in a kind of Tetris.

Valorant : The Badge in Construction
The Badge under construction

Once the badge is full, the border of the badge evolves and expands to make room for more triangles. The badge evolves as soon as you have 9, 25, 50, 75 and 100 victories.

By watching your badge, you and your friends will actually be able to view a history of your wins and ranked games. It also allows you to quickly identify the evolution of your ranks over the games.

At the end of the Act

When an Act ends, the badge keeps only your 9 best wins and its border to determine your final Act Rank. Let's imagine you win 13 Platinum games and 5 Diamond games, and then sink to the bottom of Bronze. Your Act Rank will be symbolised by 5 Diamond and 4 Platinum triangles.

The badge is then pinned to your player card for the entire next Act. Only the latest badge will be displayed on your card, others join your profile where you and your friends can see them. This is a way to see your progress through Valorant chapters.

Valorant: Act badge pinned to the banner
The Act Badge pinned on the card


In conclusion, this new system doesn't change much to the current functioning of the ranked games. On the other hand, it allows you to showcase a player's best level and keep only their achievements in mind. This system therefore allows positive reinforcement of the player, without going so far as to prevent him from being demoted, as in other Riot's Games.

This new system will be put in place with Act II, which is expected to begin in one to two weeks.