Acend benches zeek

Acend recently announced that the player Aleksander " zeek "Zygmunt was now benched and a new player would be recruited to play in the Last Chance Qualifier.

Last year, the structure lifted the Champions Trophy, making it the first team to become world champion on Valorant. But this year, things have been much more complicated for the team. After a disastrous Split 1, Acend has separated from BONECOLD and Kiles and took the decision to recruit vakk and MONSTEERR. However, despite these changes, the team did not manage to qualify for the Master 2 in Copenhagen.

Since the roster did not participate in any international events this year, its number of circuit points is very insufficient to access the Champions which will start in September. Players will therefore have to participate in the Last Chance Qualifier, but this competition will be played without zeek. Indeed, the player has just been benched.

Following this announcement, the structure clarified that it was looking for a new player. It is not yet known who will replace zeek, but it should not take too long as the Last Chance Qualifier will start about two weeks after the Copenhagen Master, on 7th August.

In the meantime, it is hoped that the team will find its rare gem, get back on track and qualify for the Champions in order to properly defend their title.