Abyss, the new map from Valorant

The Shanghai Masters was an opportunity for Riot Games to present AbyssValorant's brand new map. This borderless card has been designed with creative minds in mind, using the Agents' skills to take risks in both attack and defence. It's a first for FPS!

Abyss will be available from 12 Juneif patch 8.11 of Valorant will have been deployed.

Introducing Abyss, the new card from Valorant

Abyss is a base for the Hourglass organisationhidden in the depths of a gigantic cave. It's full of secrets about radianite, and even seems to contain something frightening - perhaps a future Agent - as the presentation trailer suggests.

The map includes two sites and a fairly well-developed central zoneAnd it's important to control them to get the upper hand. The mechanics we've already seen in other fields, such as destructible doors and ropes, are all there, but Abyss also has an interesting new feature: small areas of land detached from the rest of the map. All agents can jump to hold advantageous lines or bypass enemies, but at great risk...

The Abyss map has several steep ledges
There are several steep ledges on Abyss

The main new feature of this new map is none other than the absence of borders! So if you're trying to reach a steep edge and you've made a mistake in your calculations, you'll have to fall into the voidwhich is your death sentence.

The Abyss map is surrounded by a dizzying void
Abyss is surrounded by emptiness
Abyss is hidden within a huge open cavity.
The map is in a cavity
There's an hourglass-shaped teleporter on Abyss
It's full of secrets

With Abyss, we wanted to encourage players to take a new approach to their skills and movements and have fun using them in new ways. The design followed this guideline, removing the boundaries of the map to give players more room for creativity.

Joey Simas, Lead Map Designer

The fact that there are no limits greatly opens up the possibilities, as it will be possible to possible to bypass obstaclesFor example, with Jett's Ascending Wind, Raze's satchels or Omen's teleportation. You could also consider to plant the Spike on the edge of the abyssThe defenders will have their work cut out, particularly on the A site.

The Abyss map in detail

As mentioned above, the Abyss map has three major zones: Site A, Site B and the Central Zone. It is based on a three-way layout.

The Abyss mini-map

Site A on the Valorant Abyss map
Site A
The layout of the Abyss card from Valorant
The entire Abyss map
Site B on the Valorant Abyss map
The B

The full tour of the new Valorant map

Perilous plants on the A site

Site A comprises three entrances There are two different ventilation zones: one at the point where the attackers appear, and the other on the defenders' side. One of these, the elevated one, is connected to the ventilation zone.

Abyss, site a - side view
The A site seen from the side
Abyss, the new map from Valorant - mandatory valorant new map abyss site a 02 -
Site A seen from above

It is also characterised by a small pontoon, open to the void. Note that it is possible to plant the Spike in this area - particularly with Gekko - so that defenders have no cover when they try to defuse it. Rest assured, the rest of the open side is protected by a rimSo there's no risk of accidental falls.

Expect some intense close-combat action!

A rather open B site

Site B also includes, three entrances : the one on the defenders' side, the one on the attackers' side and the one coming from the midfield. Note that the latter is also linked to the point of appearance of the defenders.

Abyss, site b - side view
A side view of Site B
Abyss, site b - top view
Site B seen from above

To be perfectly fair, there are three zones through which players can advance on this site and keep it in their sights, on the attacking side. In addition to the main entrancethey have a narrow passage accessible by jumping. While it offers some interesting ways of getting round it, it will be very punishing if you're not precise with your movements, because it's surrounded by emptiness. Finally, the Attacker can keep the site in view by a window accessible from its point of appearance. It will certainly the delight of sniper enthusiasts !

On the site itself, there is a very large boulder, of which you can go all the way round. It gives it a Vertigo vibe, for those who are used to CS.

The mid, the area to control!

Abyss, mid - death drop
The death drop at mid
Abyss, mid - central zone
The destructible door
The stairs in the mid zone on Abyss
Go to the next level

The central zone is already shaping up to be an essential area of AbyssIt offers a good way of repositioning yourself in reaction to what your opponents are doing. It's a pretty big space, accessible by both teams. Each has two entrances.

Attackers can quickly take control of the raised areawhich opens onto Ventilation, via the stairswhile the defenders will have to take the ropeor risk ending up in a vacuum.

The mid is built like a very long corridorThis will no doubt lead to a number of confrontations at the Operator.

Ventilation, a useful area for rotations

The mid zone since ventilation
The mid-side exit
The ventilation zone on Abyss
The ventilation zone is fairly narrow
Ventilation leads to site A
The A-side exit

The other crucial point on this map is Ventilation. When you control it, you have quick access to both site A and the middle of the map. Note that the defenders have a bit of an advantage, as they can get there from the outset by going through the door near site A. Both doors can be destroyed with just a few bullets.

The Conduit zone itself is a particularly narrow room. You'll need to master the peeker advantage to make it safe!