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A weapon accuracy revision is coming

One of the biggest problems with Valorant today is the weapon accuracy of the weapons when the shooter is moving. Which is a shame for a game that wants to be competitive like this one. Thus, a revision of the weapons' accuracy will be made. Some weapons have too much accuracy in movement (in particular, the Phantom and the Vandal). Many players complain about it.

However, Riot Games appears to be aware of this issue and plans to do something about it. Max Grossman, Co-Lead Game Designer of Valorant, has announced that his teams were working on it. An announcement that we saw in response to the tweet of nitr0 about it.

Unfortunately, this improvement will not see the light of day in the next patch (scheduled for early January). We will therefore have to wait a little longer to see an effective revision of the weapons' accuracy. It's nonetheless a priority for Riot teams, as Max Grossman states in his tweet. Thus, it remains encouraging as to the resolution of this major concern.

In addition, the Valorant teams have already answered certain questions. Between the announcement of the game designers and that of the creative team, the renewal of Valorant is 2021 is assured.