A Valorant Champions Tour collection

The first edition of the VCT will soon come to an end with the final Champions tournament starting on 1st December. In addition, to showing your enthusiasm for this last stage of the VCT via the in-game "Champions" collection, you will be able to to share your passion with the world thanks to the official textile collection of the tournament!

VCT collection – Photo from the official website

"This is the art of greatness"

This slogan sets the tone. The global tournament for this year of competition is called the Valorant Champions Tour, a tournament for "the Champions", so it's not surprising to see a collection that reflects this spirit of achievement and performance.

In this unique collection, you will find several items: t-shirts, caps and hoodies. For each item, you can choose between 2 versions.

  • The t-shirt, black, in short and long sleeves. The short-sleeved version has the VCT logo on the front and the long-sleeved version has the words "2021 Champions Tour".
  • The cap is available in two colours: a gold version and a white/grey version; the VCT logo appears on both versions.
  • The sweatshirt is also available in two colours: a gold version and a navy blue version. The backgrounds are different, but the slogan you'll be wearing is the same, so you can show the word that you're exceptional!

This superb collection will be available from today on the official shop.

VCT collection – Photo from the official website

Riot Games has specified that this isa limited edition, both in time and quantity. If you want to make sure you get a cap, hoodie or t-shirt, the company urges you to keep an eye on the Twitter account of the Champions Tour.

In any case, you can always dress up in the colours of Valorant with the outfits already available in the shop!