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A Twitch live to present Episode 2 and Yoru

The Episode 2 of Valorant is upon us! To shed light on what to expect from Valorant at the start of 2021, Riot Games is hosting a Live that will focus on the contributions of the Episode 2 and Yoru, the new Agent.

The live will take place at 7pm, french time, on the official Valorant's Twitch channel.

In this live, many topics should be discussed. The developers will discuss the specificities of Episode 2, as well as the various changes made to the game.

Among other things, we are awaiting news about ranked games, a project that was started a few months ago. Restrictions for groups at the Immortal rank and a leaderboard were then mentioned. Lately, traces of a LP system have been found, quantifying the progression of players in the overall rankings.

But that's not all, we will also get an overview of Yoru, future skins of the game, as well as changes to certain maps and weapons. Riot Games should finally address the evolution of the competitive scene this year.

Count on us to give you a feedback and an analysis of these different announcements.