A step backwards for Valorant's interface with patch 5.10

Several weeks ago, Riot Games revealed its plans for the interface of Valorant and its desire to make it more practical and pleasing to the eye. The first changes were introduced with patch 5.08. Some players welcomed the changes with open arms, while others were quick to point out its lack of practicality. Listening to the community, the developers decided to turn back the clock, for a time, in patch 5.10.

Eager to make its FPS evolve, Riot Games always proposes new contents and also seeks to improve Valorant on more practical and graphic aspects. To this end, the visual identity and interface of the game have been completely revised. The menus are darker and more streamlined.

A step backwards for the Valorant interface with patch 5.10 - former valorant party search lounge interface -
Old interface
A step backwards for the Valorant interface with patch 5.10 - new valorant party search lounge interface -
New interface

Looks are one thing, practicality is another. Shortly after these changes were implemented, players pointed to the complexity of the new interface. At the heart of the considerations is the fact that it makes less fluid navigation and that it forces to do additional clicks to find this or that tab. Where previously everything was centralised on a single page. Thus, it has become necessary to go through the home menu in order to get to the collection tab, from the play page.

Main menu - New Valorant interface
Play Menu - New Valorant interface

Always listening to its users, the developers have taken its feedback very seriously. Recently, Jeff Landa, in charge of the Valorant Community, said on Twitter that fixes would be made in the next patch. In its communication, it mentions a response posted by a developer on Reddit:

Hey everyone, we appreciate all the feedback in this thread and throughout social, keep it coming. The team wante to send out a quick reminder that these initial changes in Patch 5.08 were the first step in an iterative process that looks to you first for where to take it next. What we are seeing is that maybe the updated navigation scheme adds a few more steps than you'd like. For now, we are planning on a change for Patch 5.10 that will restore most of the more convenient one-click access to menus around the game until we can work to build the best longterm navigation update. Again, keep telling us what you think, we're listening!

RiotZulu - via Reddit

As we already knew, these changes are only the first attempts at more extensive changes that will arrive in the future. Since this attempt did not convince all players, the development teams have chosen to go back to the drawing board with patch 5.10. The objective being to reinstate single-click paths for ease of use. While the navigation will be returned to its original form, there is no mention of the visual identity. It should therefore remain as it is for the time being.