A Spray Wheel soon in Valorant

Between the various battlepasses, bundles and Twitch Prime gifts, Valorant players have many ways to get sprays. While they have no real use in the game, they do allow you to communicate your emotions to other players, but more importantly to flex or gently taunt your opponents. Unfortunately, it is necessary to make a choice to determine which ones accompany you in your games, whereas you would probably like to have a graffiti for all occasions... Riot Games has heard you and remedies this problem thanks to a brand new spray wheel.

The latter will allow you to carry several sprays, four to be precise. As is already the case, those that impact too much on concentration will nevertheless remain unusable during the game.

To use a default spray, you'll simply press your dedicated key, while you'll need to hold it down to bring up the wheel and select one of the other three available. This new feature is expected to be implemented with patch 6.10, scheduled for 23rd May.

Even the search for sprays in the collection tab will be revised with this update. It seems that we will now be able to find the desired item by searching directly for its name or the theme associated with it. The example given in the video presentation shows us that it is possible to find various sprays corresponding to Yoru.

Search for graffiti - Valorant

If no information has been given on this subject, it is possible that this process will be extended to the search for weapon skins, or even to player cards, in any case these are requests from some players:

Love! But would be a great option for the skins too

Viriie_20 via Twitter

Love the new way to sort thru the sprays as well. Just need the same with gun buddy’s and calling cards too.

RobertRayhart via Twitter