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A soon to be improved pings system

There are still many areas of improvement in Valorant, whether it is its hit-registration or its spectator mode. One of the points that comes up more rarely is that of the communication options between players. Still, the communications are quite limited, especially when compared to some other games. ProgRocktopus, Valorant developer, wanted to comment on this point in particular. He explains that a new system of pings should be introduced.

As often, the debate started via the Valorant subReddit. In a long post, the user u/WoopsConcussion made a point of commenting on the communication systems, and in particular the pings. His message is motivated by the fact that he's a Valorant player who is unable to speak, and who can therefore only express himself in-game via chat or pings. However, chat is a way too slow mean of communication while Valorant's current pings system doesn't offer enough options to share a specific message.

Realising that it would never be possible to make text chat effective in a game like Valorant, he focused on the ping system. Pings have the advantage of being fast, contextualised and understandable in any language. However, the current pings don't allow to face many situations.

Towards a more flexible ping system

It's to this post and to those of many players who have shared u/WoopsConcussion's post that responds ProgRocktopus.

He confirms that the ping system is definitely not optimal and that Riot is already working on a more efficient system. Pinging and voice command systems like in Paladins or Apex, he says, aren't what players are looking for in Valorant.

At first, new dialogues will be dubbed for most of the characters. When pinged, rather than hearing the Agent say " the Spike is here", they will name the location. For example, " the Spike is at point A". These new lines of dialogue are currently in production and should arrive as soon as they're available in all Valorant languages.

Secondly, the ping system should be more precise and customisable. The players could then decided on the various shortcuts that suit them to give information to their teammates. The communication wheel could then be changed in order to choose the accessible messages and define shortcuts other than the numerical keys.

All of this should therefore arrive soon, even if don't have a precise date yet.