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A Remake option for ranked games datamined

The patch 1.06 was maybe low in news features, but it prepares the ground for new projects. The developers have openly mentioned upcoming changes to shotguns, but there are interesting changes for the future in the source code of the patch. The most noteworthy being the arrival ofan option " remake for ranked games that has been datamined.

The remake option allows a team to cancel the game is a player is absent. The absence of players is one of the biggest complaints against Valorant since closed beta. This option has already been available for a few years in League of Legends.

For a several weeks now, players and developers have made no secret of their dissatisfaction with the ranked games. Riot Ziegler even mentioned that the system was reviewed entirely. It seems that adding an option to restart a match is one of the avenues mentioned.

According to the lines of code found by Mang0eLeaks, the rules of the remake would be as follows:

  • The remake can only be used if there is one AFK or disconnected player in your team
  • The remake is voted by the team whose player is AFK or disconnected.
  • The vote can only be launchedduring the second round of a game.
  • A premade team of 5 can't launch a vote to remake.
  • If the result of the vote is positive, the game stops without the players winning or losing any points. Statistics are not taken into account.

At the moment, it's not clear exactly how the vote goes, or what happens in the event of a tie between yes and no. We will have to wait for official confirmation that this feature is added to the game to find out more.

As always, nothing proves that this feature will eventually be added to the game. However, the last time this kind of command appeared in the code, it was the surrender. The surrender ended up arriving on the next patch.