A nice Shorty for Prime Gaming members

Prime Gaming allows you to pick up exclusive Valorant content ranging from gunbuddies, to sprays, to weapon skins. Since 28th January, lucky Prime members can strut their stuff with the beautiful Wayfinder skin or Cartographer, an unique skin for the Shorty !

The wayfinder skin displays what appears to be a topographical map with a black background and gold ornaments. The shorty is not a common weapon in games, but with this skin you can expect some players to break stats. Next time you play, be sure to check the corners when you move... a shorty might be waiting for you!

Like all Prime items, this item will only be available for a limited time ; make sure you get it as soon as possible if you want to humiliate your opponents in style!

If you want to know how to claim Prime items, please read our guide.