A new Sentinel and a new Duelist in Valorant by the end of 2023

Riot Games has just published a video about the future of Valorant. As well as providing more information about the Team Deatchmatch mode, Rioters took the time to confirm the arrival of a new Sentinel in the Agent pool. What's more, they've revealed that another Agent, a Duelist, will be available before the end of the year.

Last February, Riot Games announced the arrival of several new Agents for 2023. The first is an Initiator, is none other than Gekko, the latest addition to the team led by Brimstone. At the time, John Goscicki, Character Producer, also indicated that one of these characters would be a Sentinel, but gave no further details about her. Since then, there has been radio silence on the subject.

However, the studio's latest video offers us a first look at the gadgets who could be employed by this second new Agent. According to Anna Donlon, Producer of Valorant, they "will stop you dead in your tracks, then bring you closer to get a better look" whatever that means...

A new Sentinel is planned for Valorant before the end of 2023.

While we already knew that a third Agent was to join the Valorant Protocol, we still didn't know what class he would be. Now we do, as Riot Games has taken advantage of this video to indicate that it will be a new Duelist. The studio has refrained from providing any information about their abilities or their usefulness in games for the time being.