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A new roster for FaZe Clan

Recently, FaZe Clan unveiled its brand new roster for the 2022 season. The structure has chosen to keep babybay in addition to 4 newcomers: dicey, flyuh, LarryBanks & ShoT_UP.

babybay always present!

The creation of this new team follows various departures during the end of the 2021 season. In November, FaZe Clan parted ways with BabyJ who joined 100Thieves. In November, another player left, Rawkus, who joined TSM as head coach. He was joined by Corey at the end of January. With ZachaREEE on the inactive bench, the organisation needed a new team.

It's therefore around babybay, Jett main, that the 2022 roster rebuilt. This players has been present since the organisation was launched on Valorant. This year, he is joined by dicey, an experienced player who has played for big teams like Immortals and 100Thieves. With babybay already in place, this former main Jett has left his duelist role to specialise on Skye.

SHOT_UP joins these two players. Ex Reyna player, he changed his position when he arrived in his new team and now operates on Viper and Astra. FaZe Clan benefits from an experienced player, as he also played for Immortals last season.

The fourth player in the 2022 roster is Canadian LarryBanks. He played forElysium and Teal Seam. With the needs of his current roster, he has switched from Sova to Killjoy and Cypher.

Finally, the team can count on flyuhex-...T1 Academy and Teal Seam. He is a versatile player. Real support, he is able to play a multitude of Agents: Sage, Cypher, Killjoy, Astra, Viper or Sova. Since LarryBanks has been placed on Killjoy and Cypher, it's on Sova that flyuh operates for the moment.

The composition seems coherent, but has not been decisive at the beginning of the VCT 2022.

A mixed start in the North American Open Qualifier

Around the globe, teams wishing to participate in Challengers 1 must qualify. During the first NA Open Qualifier, FaZe Clan floundered despite a good start.

The players won their first match against Mommy on a score of 2-0, then the one against Carpe Noctem on the same score. Unfortunately, they were sent to the lower bracket by The Guard in the next match. They then managed to defeat VIRTUOSO, 2-0 to continue in the tournament. Against Kansas City Pioneers the FaZe Clan players fell, and were definitely eliminated after an intense match ending 2-1.

It can be assumed that the newly formed team still needs some training. If this first qualification did not work out for Faze Clan, everything is not over yet. They still have a chance to get a slot at the Challengers, via the second qualification phase.