A new Ranked system for Valorant?

It seems a whole new ranked system is coming to Valorant soon. While datamining patch 1.04, the Twitter account Valorant Leaks discovered visuals for new ranks and and a new progression system.

Today, the different ranks of Valorant are divided into 3 sub-categories. According to the images found, the ranks would soon divide into 5 tiers. The ranks would be differentiated according to the borders (according to the tier) and their colours (according to the rank). In connection with these icons, there are coloured arrows which seem to indicate a progression or regression in the ranks.

Valorant: New Ranking System
Illustration of the potential new Rank system (Source: Valorant Leaks)

The players are very critical regarding the current system. The most frequent complaint is the opacity of the progression. Only a system of arrows allow us to estimate where we are on the ladder. Dividing each rank into 5 tiers would give a better estimation. Maybe will it just take a 5-game winning streak to move from one rank to the next?

It was reported last week that Riot appeared to have internal issues regarding the direction to take for ranked games. The working illustrated above could just as easily be the next iteration of the Ranked Games as it's a remnant of a abandoned system.

We'll probably know more in the next few weeks, since we're technically only two weeks away from the next Act of Valorant.