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A new ranked system could see the light of day

Riot Games may already have plans for a new ranked system for Valorant. Players have discovered lines of codes in the game in this spirit of this idea.

The line of code shows the following terms:
TierProgressAfterUpdate: 42
TierProgressBeforeUpdate: 64
RankedRatingEarned: 0
Competitive Movement: Decrease

We know that a number of players are complaining about Valorant's current ranked system. For many, it's even "unfair". This would explain why Riot would seek to test alternatives.

It would therefore look like a points system, as we know it in League of Legends, another game from Riot Games. Below, the player had 64 points. The loss in their last game caused their points to drop to 42.

One might think that it would take 100 points to move up one rank and 0 to downgrade to a lower rank. This might be more suitable for some, especially regular LoL players, who would be less disoriented. The system would therefore already be present in the game but hidden from players.

However, nothing is certain, a line of code does not mean much, it could also be a failed test from Riot. So, take this idea of a new ranked system with a pinch of salt, and we'll see what happens soon.