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A new cinematic for Yoru

Since mid-January, Riot Games has been regularly posting on the official Twitter account of Valorant with short stories about its Agents. We were able to go to Russia with Sova, see Skye enjoying a holiday in Vietnam, or dive into the world of Phoenix. Many Agents have already had their own story, and now it's time for Yoru to have his own.

While waiting for his next rework, the Japanese Duelist has been given a cinematic entitled My Typical Day. In it, we can first see him riding his motorbike through the streets of Tokyo, and in particular Shibuya, one of the capital's districts. Then, all of a sudden, he is plunged into what seems to be a clash between enemy gangs. According to him, this is something that is frequently seen here.

This encounter does not seem to impress him. Putting on a Japanese mask, he rushes into the battle without a single ounce of fear, determined to calm these individuals down. Despite the fact that there were more than twenty of them, he managed to knock them all down without any difficulty. Once the problem was solved, he was cheered by a crowd of passers-by who described him as their saviour.

The next scene finds the Agent in a small restaurant. As soon as he starts eating, he receives a call from Phoenix. At first annoyed at being disturbed, he finally understands that the call is important. In no time at all, he puts on his mask again, ready to take on another gang of thugs.

From the title of the video, we can conclude that Yoru's daily life consists of playing the masked vigilante in Tokyo, running around to eliminate potential dangers.

A few weeks ago, one of Riot Games' employees announced that Yoru's rework Yoru's rework could take place in patch 4.03, but that it could be postponed until patch 4.04. Since this cinematic came out about a week before patch 4.03, it's easy to wonder if it could be a precursor to the imminent arrival of Agent's rework.

To find out, however, we will have to be a little more patient and wait a few more days.