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A mobile version of Valorant in preparation

It seems that Riot Games is actively working on a mobile version of Valorant. It wasn't really a secret, as the possibility of the FPS coming to our phones and tablets had already been mentioned. However, the datamining of patch 1.08 and 1.09 reveals several lines of code adding features specific to mobile.

The patch 1.08 allowed Valorant's menus to be opened by double-tapping on the screen. We suspected that this was a mobile feature, since it's hard to imagine how it can be used on PC. The patch 1.09 removes all ambiguity. The new lines of codes directly mention a mobile adaptation. This time, the tutorial of Valorant is adapted for a use with a touchscreen.

Valorant Mobile : Datamine
Valorant Mobile : Datamine
Valorant Mobile : Datamine
Source: Reddit

When Valorant launched, the question ofa console and mobile porting was on everyone's lips. Riot Games said, at the time, that prototypes were under study, but that it was neither a priority work, nor a goal.

"If we feel like we can deliver this experience on those platforms, we will, we absolutely will. But we really want Valorant to stand for a certain type of gameplay and a certain type of experience."

Anna Dolon

If Valorant developers don't want to compromise on the controller versus mouse experience, it's hard to imagine how they plan to bring the game on mobile.

These lines of code can be simple tests, as well as signs that a mobile version may arrive sooner than you think.