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A live presentation of Episode 5 of Valorant

While the last Act of Episode 4 of Valorant is coming to an end, and Episode 5 is just around the corner. A first glimpse of Act 1 of this new Episode will be presented live by the developers on Thursday 16 June.

For several weeks now, the official Valorant accounts have been sharing content which revolves around water and the underwater world, like the Neptune skins bundle. Amongst all the items posted online is a poster, which reads "Celebra a nossa cidade a maravilha dedaixo das ondas" written in Portuguese. This inscription translates into "Celebrate our city, the wonder under the waves".

Why stop at this poster, when the article is about a presentation of Episode 5? The answer is not very complicated. Thursday's live show could be an opportunity for the developers to present the next Valorant map, in addition to other elements.

As discussed above, there are several indications thata new map is coming soon. In the course of the various patches, the developers have left some things out, including emails about Fracture. They also redirected the community to these emails, to learn more about the next Valorant map.

An analysis of all these electronic exchanges shows that, in The Mirror WorldThe last voices in the Brimstone office almost confirm this location. This location is almost confirmed by the last voices heard in Brimstone's office: Sova mentions a mission to Alpha-Lisbon and K/YO says he is returning from Portugal.

Furthermore, in the e-mails, this city is described as a marvel of technology. The poster shows a city under a dome, which is itself under water, and the inscription describes it as a wonder. Also, the Tweet reads "Prepare to dive", which means " Get ready to dive in" . This new clue clearly invites players to dive or, at least, to dive into this underwater city. If it is indeed located under the sea, we can expect a superb panorama over our heads!

Finally, in the tweet announcing the live eventIn the poster above, a silhouette can be seen with his arm raised, reminiscent of the character facing the city. This reminder, intentional no doubt, suggests that the developers will be introducing not only this city, but also potentially a new individual.

To follow the presentation, and possibly learn more about the new map, go to the Twitch channel of ValorantThursday 16 June from 19:00 CEST.