A live presentation of Harbor, Agent 21 of Valorant

Episode 5 of Valorant is placed under the sign of water. In the first Act, the developers offered us Pearl, the beautiful underwater map. With the arrival of Act 3, the studio continues with this aquatic theme thanks to Agent 21, Harbor, the new Controller. If he has already been unveiled through several teasings, no concrete information about his abilities has been given. But the wait is over! The developers will present the new recruit, live, today from 5pm. You can also discover Harbor with the Mandatory team!

In September, Riot Games began revealing some information about the next Valorant Agent. In a State of the Agents article, it was revealed that this new character would join the ranks of the Controllers, alongside Omen and Brimstone in particular. The press release ended with the sentence "Jald hi milte hain.", meaning "See you soon." in Hindi. This was one of the first indications of his Indian origin.

Other clues scattered throughout the game confirmed this hypothesis little by little, but also made it possible to envisage a link with water. Among all these elements, a voice message from patch 5.06 caught our attention. It mentioned a fugitive being chased by the Valorant team. Omen spoke of a flood, of waves and gigantic walls of water. More recently, the Valorant Twitter accounts posted a video, in which a couple film a strange phenomenon: some water in a glass starts to levitate, this was after a fleeing individual had passed by. Doubts were beginning to dissipate and the theory seemed to be confirmed.

The first visual of Agent 21 has further fuelled the rumour, as well as giving this individual a name: Harbor. On this artwork, we could see a huge wall of water, as well as a watery sphere, elements that also appeared in a video posted very recently. This trailer validated once and for all Harbor's ability to use water. If Aang, from the Avatar, The Last Airbender, masters the elements without using an object, the new Agent, as for him, obtained his power from a relic... A relic that we had already seen, in a drawing, in the September Agents' Report!

If we have made some assumptions as for the character's different abilities, we have no certainty about their use at the moment. However, we will know more very (very) soon! The developers will give a live preview of Harbor this afternoon at 5pm.

As announced by HyP and Akumaaaaa on their Twitter, they will be live, also, to present you this new Agent. To follow this discovery, we invite you to their respective Twitch channels!

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