Hello Riot Games, when will the Hammer Mandatory skin be released on Valorant?

Last night, the official Valorant account unveiled a new skin range, the Crimsonbeast. Beautiful skins, but one of the elements that caught our attention...

It will not have escaped the attention of die-hard fans of Mandatory that after replacing the knife with a sword, a kunai, a comb or a sugar cane, Riot Games has finally seen the light by offering a skin in the shape of a hammer !

Look at that elegant shape. That strong, sturdy head. This ergonomic handle that begs to be gripped. These are the divine proportions of a weapon worthy of the name! And yet, it lacks a little something.

Hello Riot Games, when will the Mandatory Hammer skin be released on Valorant? - mandatory valorant news skins hammer -

That's why the rest of this article is directly addressed to Riot Games (if you're reading this and you're not Riot Games, please stop):

Dear Riot Games, now that the 3D model of the hammer is done, why not just release a Mandatory hammer? A little scarlet paint, a nice M on the edge and you've got the Ultimate skin of Valorant.

However, I understand that the prospect of releasing the best skin ever so early in the life of Valorant is not desirable. After all, why would players buy other skins when a Mandatory hammer is already available? And it's because I appreciate your point of view that I'm making the first move towards you: what would we have to do to have a Mandatory skin in Valorant ?

Should we launch one of these competitions "at 10k like, we do the hammer". ? Do we have to win the French Cup? The VRL? The VCT? The Champions?! Should we write poems about Valorant? Should we launch a musical about Valorant? Should we open a portal to Omega Earth and work towards reconciliation with the Riot Games of this world?

We are willing to listen to your requirements. Our DMs are open.