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A Free For All mode in Valorant spotted in the game files

Since the release of Patch 1.03, dataminers are having a great time and are discovering new things regularly. We could already admire the different colours and animations of Elderflame skins, at the end of last week. This weekend, the presence of a Free For All mode in Valorant has been discovered.

Rather than files relating to the menus or the game system, it's in a file relating to Ascent that we find traces of this mode. It seems thatan alternative of Ascent, specific to this new game mode, is therefore in preparation. Unrate, Ranked and Spike Rush modes all use the same map file, but FFA mode is entitled to a different one.

Valorant: FFA mode
The .umap files related to the FFA mode.

If the FFA mode is released one day, you will have to expect some modifications of Ascent in order to adapt it to an open war. It must be said that it's difficult to imagine 10 players hitting each other in the current version. Even in terms of spawn, it would be difficult to make players appear within acceptable combat distances.

Even if a general melee isn't really in Valorant's DNA, such a game mode is still necessary. It would allow players to warm up quickly by focusing on pure fight. It's also a good release for decompressing between two ranked games. Finally, new players can test the mechanics of Valorant without having to worry about teamwork.

That being said, as always with datamining, there's no guarantee that such a mode will actually see the light of the day in Valorant. These can be developer test files and as far as we know, "FFA mode" can mean Frankly Fabulous Avocado.