A collector hoodie for the Reykjavik Masters 1

The first international LAN of the year, the Reykjavik Masters, is coming soon! For this occasion, Riot Games will be putting on sale some collector hoodies : the "AURORA-01".

As far as VALORANT textile collections are concerned, this is not Riot's first attempt. Indeed, during the previous Champions, the studio unveiled a "Champions" bundle with the slogan "This is the art of greatness". Earlier this year, the WV3 collection was released.

VCT Champions Collection - Photo from the official website.

The various clothes in these collections are still available on the official shop . This is the difference with the AURORA-01 hoodies..

Collector implies limited number of pieces ! On its website, Riot Games has specified that only 500 pieces will be put on sale.

The AURORA-01 hoodie will be a collector's item!
Photo from the official website

Each of these sweaters will be even more unique, as they will all be different. Indeed, each hoodie has been hand dipped to achieve the purple colouring, creating an exclusive colour gradient. In addition to the beautiful gradient, the hoodie proudly displays the Masters logo on the front and the words "VCT 2022 STAGE 1 MASTERS" on the lower back.

On the website, the studio explains that only players who qualify for the Reykjavik Masters will also own this hoodie. So if you want to get this historical piece, you'll have to be particularly alert!

See you tomorrow, Thursday 31st March, on the official Riot shop.