A cinematic for Harbor, the next Agent of Valorant

A little more patience and you will soon be able to play with Harbor, Agent 21 of Valorant. Not long ago, Riot Games had unveiled the physique of this new character, while confirming that he was well and truly linked to water. From now on, it is abilities that have been shown through a trailer of almost four minutes, and we can say that they are rather stylish.

Overview of Harbor's abilities

Harbor is revealed a little more each day and we now know what abilities he will have. Or at least, we have a good idea. The Agent will indeed be able to deploy a wall of water in front of him, strongly reminiscent of the Viper smoke wall or the Astra smoke wall.

In view of what has been shown in the cinematic, this skill could be able to stop bullets of opponents, but not only. Indeed, in the video, Harbor can be seen bumping into his wall with his motorbike, which is instantly blocked by water. Could he also stop the objects and agents?

Nevertheless, it seems that this barrier is only effective for a few seconds, since it disappears very quickly in the cinematic, but we can't really say for sure. Or perhaps it can be destroyed if it takes a certain amount of damage, as is the case with Sage's ice wall?

Moreover, it is not known exactly how long this wall will be but in the trailer you can see Harbor deploying a trail of water on the ground over a very long distance. This could lead one to believe that it could be quite long and cover a good part of the map, but we'll have to wait to see it in game to be sure.

A cinematic for Harbor, the next Valorant Agent - water wall harbor valorant agent 21 -

But that's not all! Harbor can also invoke a water sphere. This one seems to have a shielding effect also capable of stopping bullets. Indeed, in the trailer, Harbor is shown inside this sphere as REALM agents shoot at him and he doesn't seem to take any damage.

It can be assumed that this ability will be able to to protect Harbor but also his allies, as, in the description of the video, the following words can be read: " This new Controller Agent commands a mix of tide and torrent to shield allies and pummel opponents

If so, will he be able to deploy his protective bubble directly around allies, even if they are far away, or will they have to be close to Harbor for the sphere to be effective? And how many people could it accommodate?

One can also imagine that this sphere, in addition to protecting against bullets, could be capable of restoring some life points to the Agents inside.

A kinematics for Harbor, the next Valorant Agent - sphere d'eau harbor valorant agent 21 -

The third skill shown in the video seems to be a waterhole which Harbor can deploy under (or just in front of?) his enemies. It's hard to know what its exact characteristics are, though, but it could potentially have the same effects as Sage's Orb of Slowness, which slows down opponents who walk on her ice zone. One can also imagine that this ability could stun the Agents or even inflict damage.

In the trailer, the REALM agents seem to be stuck with the ability. Perhaps this pool of water will simply have the ability to block opponents by creating a depth effect to prevent them from advancing? Its very luminous aspect can also evoke the possibility of being a flash that will blind the enemies for a few seconds.

A kinematics for Harbor, the next Valorant Agent - water pool harbor valorant agent21 -

The last ability we see in the trailer looks very much like a tidal wave which is reminiscent of Nami's ultimate in League of Legends. This great wave of water could have the purpose of slowing down enemies while stunning them a few seconds, to give Harbor or his allies a chance to flee or shoot down their pursuers.

It can also be assumed that it could inflict damage thanks to the power of the wave. Moreover, this power could potentially be generated by the distance covered by the tidal wave? The further away it was sent, the more powerful it would become and the more damage it would inflict on enemies.

Finally, in the video, Agent 21 can be seen sending his ability backwards, which would be something quite unique on Valorant if it were really possible.

A cinematic for Harbor, the next Agent of Valorant - raz de maree harbor valorant agent 21 -

Since we don't have any precise information about Harbor's abilities yet, we can imagine anything and everything about their characteristics. Here we have mentioned possibilities, but there are so many more. So we can't wait to see what they can actually do.