A cinematic for Episode 2 and Yoru

The arrival of the Episode 2 of Valorant is upon us! To celebrate, Riot Games has prepared a new cinematic, featuring the new Agent of Valorant: Yoru.

This short-film is called Retake, which is the name of the Chapter 2 of Valorant. The Episode 1 was Ignition (hence the Ignition Series). It marks the start of a new patch cycle.

The sequence takes place on Icebox and highlights the specificities of the map. It's no coincidence, remember that Icebox was initially scheduled to be released at the launch of Episode 2. Riot Games however wanted to speed up the pace of map releases, following feedback from the community and the needs of the competitive scene.

Above all, this cinematic is an opportunity to officially see Yoru in action for the first time. The future Agent has been teased for a month on Valorant now, and some of his abilities had leaked earlier this week.

We had the opportunity to play Yoru for a few days and know that he has a lot more to offer than it looks. Count on us to talk about this Agent in much more detail very soon.