A butterfly knife arrives on Valorant with the Recon bundle!

After the Ruination collection, a new bundle of skins is coming on Valorant. Named Recon, it will feature military cosmetics and a butterfly knife !

Valorant's next skin pack should appeal to those who have already played CS:GO or PUBG. It adopts a military style with shades of beige and black. Also available will be colour variants with red, green and blue camouflage patterns as well as random accessories that can be unlocked with RPs such as an ADS crosshair.

The Recon bundle will contain cosmetics for the Ghost, Spectre, the Guardian, Phantom, but also a knife butterfly, long awaited by the community! The latter will have a dedicated animation and sounds, as you can see in this video:

The complete pack will be available for 7.100VPs and is expected to be released today when the Sakura collection is no longer on display in the shop.