5 future Agents of Valorant datamined

The little curious adept at datamining keep having fun on Valorant. One of them, PlayerIGN, discovered several potential future Agents, as well as other rather interesting elements.

We therefore find portraits, icons of abilities, sound effects or even some vocal interactions with other Agents. Even if it doesn’t allow us to really understand the gameplay of these Agents, we can cross-check them to support some theories.

Before saying more about this, a few clarifications are necessary: it’s not because a potential Agent appears in these files that they will one day be released. It’s not uncommon to find characters files abandoned during development. These Agents can also entirely change by the time of a potential release.

Watch out! Spoilers!If you don’t want to know the potential future Agents and prefer to wait for the official communication from Riot, we advise you to stop reading this article.

Potential new Agents

If PlayerIGN is to be believed, there are already files for 16 different agents in Valorant source code. We already know 10, Raze being the latest, so there would be 6 in preparation.

Each of these unknown agents has more or less files which show their progress. They all respond to codenames, which means that the names that follow are unlikely to match the final names.


Shatter is the Agent we know the most about for now. He already has an icon as well as a 3D model. He looks like a human whose skin has been replaced by mirrors.

One of his abilities seems to be related to the creation of a clone that explodes. The other has an icon showing a crashing screen.


The second from which we can get the most information about has two names for the moment: Joule and Killjoy. He would be, as his first name suggests, an Agent based on electricity. He’s linked to several 3D models representing a “ Shock Grenade “ and a “ Seakerbolt “. He also has an icon depicting an electric hammer. The source code linked to this character also mentions the possibility of deploying turrets or equipping an orbital laser.

Killjoy's skills in Valorant
Image: PlayerIGN


Sabine is an Agent who seems to worry the other characters and be linked to Sage, at least thematically. Her code name Vampire is probably not stranger to this morbid fascination. If you believe Cypher, she can suck up the souls of her opponents who died in battle.


Finally, we have Dogbot, which we are not even really sure is an Agent. He’s linked to a single sound file.


Crusader would be an Agent whose development had progressed well, but which would have been canceled. She had a chivalrous theme and her abilities revolved around swords and shields.

Portrait of Crusader in Valorant
Image: PlayerIGN

Potential new weapon

Valorant has 18 weapons at the moment (including the knife), but game files show a 19th: the Uzi. It’s quite possible that it’s a weapon abandoned by Riot.

By digging a little deeper, an acquaintance of PlayerIGN also discovered that each of Valorant current weapons keeps track of the number of kills made with it.

Let’s repeat one last time that none of this information is official. The elements presented here could undergo major changes before showing up in Valorant (if they show up one day).

Riot Games announced that a total of 12 Agents will be available when the game officially launches this summer. Two characters are therefore still missing. Could they be on this list?