3DMax benches the entire team

At the end of Split 1 of the Valorant Challengers France, 3DMax is officially eliminated without reaching the playoffs. This is why the structure decides to bench all its players with the aim of building a brand new roster.

An announcement has just been made: 3DMax is putting its entire team on the bench. It follows the numerous defeats that the team suffered during the regular season. Despite being in last place in the standings, they recently won against SBG, the current top team. A late awakening which did not prevent the structure from wanting to modify its entire main roster.

After the publication of the press release, the captain spoke out and highlighted the difficulties that he met during this weeks of competition. Disappointed with his performance as leader, he remains confident that he will come back stronger for the next Split.

At the same time, the structure is looking for new players to start Split 2 with a brand new team.

On their side, the former members, Dawn, the captain, MateliaN, blitzeN, Yotaa, Kiiyo and M4CHINA are now free agents. As they stated on Twitter, players are looking for new opportunities to continue in the competitive circuit.

We obviously wish them all the best for the future.