3DMax announces its roster for the VCL France 2023 Split 2

The Split 2 of Valorant Challengers France starts on 8th April and the announcements about the participating teams are coming in fast. After putting its entire team on the bench, 3DMax presents its brand new roster for the VCL France.

Through their recent publication, 3DMax reveals its new roster, made up of Davidp, Ooriime, Killu, bRAAHH and B1GGY. This roster is thus composed of experienced players, with diverse backgrounds, three of them having even participated in the French or Italian VCL during Split 1.

The Captain of this team, Davidp, is a pro player and streamer who has officiated for several teams. Present since the beginning of the competition on Valorant, he is the player with the most experience. Recruited by G2 Esports in 2020, Giants Gaming in 2022 and more recently by DSYRE in the Italian VCL, Davidp has played against some very good teams and knows the competitive environment well. Alternating between the roles of Smoker and Initiator, his flexibility and game sense could be beneficial to this new team.

Alongside him are Ooriime, a former regular player at BeGenius. A Killjoy main who made a name for himself during the first VCL Split. While his former teammates were welcomed by the AKROMA organisation, Ooriime has decided to trust this new roster for the continuation of the Challengers.

In addition, Killu, a former VCL player has chosen to get involved in the project. This news echoes his recent departure from Joblife. With an average ACS of 221, this Jett main is a great asset to the team.

The other two players come from amateur and semi-professional circuits. He was present at Zerance in Open Tours France, at GMT Esports in 2022 and a former booskaHS player, bRAAHH will be able to participate in the Challengers this season. 3DMax now has two Jett mains in its roster. Also a Raze player, it is likely that bRAAHH will join Killu as a second duelist. Finally, the last player to join the team has evolved in the English league. Very versatile in his roles, B1GGY enters the dance. Equally at ease on Sova and Viper, this player could easily adapt to the strategies of the roster.

From now on, all Split 2 teams have been finalised and 3DMax is determined to get back on track with its new talent. We'll find out what they're capable of during their first match against WYLDE, on Saturday 8th April.