100 Thieves confirms its place in quarter-finals of LOCK//IN

America's most popular team, 100 Thieves, defeated FUT Esports and confirmed its place in the quarter-final of the LOCK//IN São Paulo.

After a match as spectacular as it was close against EDward Gaming, 100 Thieves struggled from the start of the tournament. A worrying result before their confrontation with FUT Esports. Both qualified for the first round of the Omega Group, but 100 Thieves remains the favourite team of this match. And yet, the match was much more complicated than could have been expected.

A map that escapes 100 Thieves

Hostilities began on their opponent's favourite map, Lotus. With an enemy composition focused on Defence accompanied by a very effective Neon Operator, 100 Thieves saw its game plan thwarted during this first part of the game. It is with a slight lead in 7-5 for the Americans, that the first part of the game ended.

Thereafter, the complications continued for 100 Thieves, who saw the first five defensive rounds slip away. Again, the enemy Neon managed to break through the American formation and the players found themselves overwhelmed by the situation. Despite a late adaptation by 100 Thieves, the team saw this first round escape them with a score of 13-9 in favour of the Turks.

The return of the Americans

This time, the teams competed against each other on Haven. And just like on Lotus, the battles were intense. However, the Americans finally got the better of the Attack thanks to successful calls and duels by the captain stellar. At half-time, the score was 7-5 for 100 Thieves.

At the change of side and once at economic equilibrium, 100 Thieves was unable to contain the offensives of FUT Esports at first. By reviewing their defensive strategy and thanks to enemy mistakes, the Americans managed to win the game in 13-10.

100 Thieves qualifies

This final confrontation on Icebox led to a very well conducted defensive phase by the North Americans. The Turks were surprised by a new strategy based on Sage's wall. The American actions had the better of FUT Esports in this first part of the game, which ended in 8-4 for 100 Thieves.

After a failed force-buy , 100 Thieves economy was at its worst to start the rest of the game. Once operational, the Americans managed to come back and win four rounds in a row. The work of the smokers bang and Cryocells got the better of FUT Esports. And it is with a score of 13-8 that the American team qualified for the quarter finals of the LOCK//IN São Paulo.

Not without difficulty, 100 Thieves has once again beaten its opponents. The most popular North American team will face its European counterpart, Fnatic, on 27th January.