Acend wins the Mandatory Cup 2023

After their respective victories in the semi-finals of the Mandatory Cup 2023CGN Esports and Acend faced off in the grand final. The two finalists fought with determination and intelligence, but there could only be one victorious team today. The players d'Acend proved to be more effective and more accurate in time, so they eventually became the preferred choice. 3 à 0. chiwa and her friends won the € 15,000 at stake. Nevertheless, the CGN Esports did not lose out and we salute their determination throughout the evening.

Summary of the CGN Esports vs Acend Final

Winner : Acend

Map 1 - Haven
CGN 8 - 13 ACE

Map 2 - Split
CGN 4 - 13 ACE

Map 3 - Sunset
CGN 10 - 13 ACE

Map 4 - Lotus

Decider Map - Bind

The Final started with Haven. While CGN set the pace at the start of the game, thanks in particular to some fine play by Vince with its Omen, their domination was short-lived. Despite the intelligent play of their opponents, Acend didn't let themselves be pushed around any more and eventually regained the lead. br0die and chiwa were decisive on several occasions and eventually led their team to victory. CGN lost 13 to 8.

While the match was still fairly close on Haven, the story was very different on Split. Acend rolled out the Attack with ease, then did the same with the Defence. Round after round, they widened the gap in the score and flew to victory. Between the kills d'ALIVEE to the Operator and the good play of BaddyGCGN are on the back foot. Even if they have lost this card 13 to 4But that doesn't mean they didn't deserve to win.

Even so, the defeat was probably a bit hard to take. On SunsetAt the start of the game, at least, CGN seemed to be in the doldrums. After a hard-fought save, CGN regained their confidence and chose to be more cautious. It was an excellent decision that enabled them to put in no fewer than 6 innings in a row. The effectiveness of BennY and his Phoenix. The second half was much tighter than the first, with the two teams simply trading wins and losses. Just goes to show, a game is never decided beforehand! For the sake of storytelling, we would have liked to see CGN win at least once in this final, but unfortunately for them, Acend came out on top in the end. 13 to 10 on this third card.

In doing so, musashi and his cohorts have won the Mandatory Cup 2023, as well as the €15,000 at stake in the tournament.

The best actions of the Final

What a crazy kill!

Superb hat-trick from BennY

Vince is really too good

ALIVEE's precision is monstrous

At Mandatory, we're delighted to have organised this new Mandatory Cup, which brought together some excellent teams from all over Europe. We would like to thank all the participants for their confidence, and we look forward to seeing you in 2024 for the new season of Challengers France!