All State Alterations in Valorant

During a VALORANTYou can also be treated by Sageblinded by KAY/O or disoriented by Breach. To become a good player, it is important to be familiar with the various alterations you may encounter. Not only will this help you to use your skills correctly, but it will also let you know what to expect when a particular Agent is present in the opposing team. We've put together a guide to help you do just that.

First of all, we need to clarify a few points about State Alterations, starting with the fact that they can take the form of a malus as well as a bonus. These states generally only last a few seconds. If you are affected by one or other of the Alterations, you will be able to see it. at the bottom left of your screenor in the bottom right-hand corner in some cases. However, the status is sometimes implicit, in which case it is not indicated.

Alterations are often written at the bottom left.

In Competition, Unclassified and Velocity mode games, you can inflict these states thanks to your skills only, while in Team Death Match or Spike Rush mode you can also collect special Orbs.

Deafened (Deafen)

When you are assigned Muted status, all surrounding sounds are strongly attenuated for a short time. Also, your mini map is obscured. In addition, some visual effects for skills do not appear on screen.

Skills that inflict this condition:

  • Capture and Nightfall of Fade.
  • All skills that inflict Myopic damage.


When you are hit by a skill that inflicts Attaché, your movements are impaired. You cannot move beyond a certain distance and you are drawn towards a specific point. This alteration does not appear at the bottom of your screen.

Skills that inflict this condition:

  • Trapwire of Cypher and Seize de Fade
Example of the use of the Fade Capture skill.


When you are Blinded, your field of vision is reduced. There are three possible states, resulting in a more or less significant obstruction of vision. This alteration does not appear at the bottom of your screen.

Flash - Total obstruction of vision for a shorter or longer period. Your screen is covered in an opaque colour throughout the effect.

Nearsighted - Impaired distance and mid-distance vision. Everything at these distances is obscured and becomes imperceptible. Your near vision remains normal.

Plasma Blindness - Plasma projection almost completely obstructs your field of vision. Portions close to the outer edges remain visible, however.

Skills that inflict this condition:

  • Flash : Flashpoint de Breach, Flash/DRIVE by KAY/O, Curve Ball in Phoenix, Guide Eclatant of Skye, Feints and blind spots of Yoru.
  • Myopic : Prowler of Fade, Paranoia of Omen, Leer de Reyna, Seekers of Skye.
  • Plasma blindness : Verti by Gekko.
You can be completely blinded by a flash in Valorant
Flash-type blinding
Any enemy in the field of vision is blurred.
Myopic blindness


When you are under the influence of Disaggregation, your hit points gradually fall, before returning to normal. The return is also gradual. Note that you regain the total HP you had before the malus, not one more. This effect cannot reduce your health below 1, so it cannot cause your death directly.

Skills that inflict this condition:

  • Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen and Viper's Nest from Viper, as well as Capture and Nightfall of Fade.

Detained (Détenu)

When you are detained, you have slowed down considerably, but you can still move. As well as being restricted in your movements, you can't equip weapons, activate skills, pick up tools or plant/deactivate the Spike.

Skills that inflict this condition:

  • Lockdown of Killjoy or Mordicus by Gekko
  • Annihilation from Deadlock. In the cocoon, you can't move at all.

Disoriented (Concuss)

When you are disoriented, you experience a major slowdown, but you're still able to get around. This alteration does not appear at the bottom of your screen.

The Disoriented state generates other malus. Not only is your shooting speed reduced, but your vision is also impaired. This results in a partial grey colouration of the screen, with a complete obstruction of vision around the edges of the screen.

What's more, your crosshair and FOV move by themselves. It's also impossible to use a sight, whether on a sniper or another weapon. Note that you're still able to hear what's going on around you, but there's a little extra background noise.

Skills that inflict this condition:

  • Nova Pulse of Astra, Fracture lines and seismic waves de Breach, Trapwire of Cypher, Ultrasonic radar of Deadlock, Wingman by Gekko, Diluvian Geysers Harbor, Relay lightning of Neon and Pathfinder of Skye.


When you are tagged, your position and movements are tracked. This takes the form of a black and reddish trail, which follows the terrain as well as changes in direction. Note that if you teleport using a skill or teleporter, the tracking stops.

Skills that inflict this condition:

  • Haunting and Falling Night de Fade


When you're idling, your movement speed is reduced, as is the height of your jumps. If you leave the area of effect, the damage disappears immediately.

Skills that inflict this condition:

  • Gravitational well of Astra, Tour de Force and Trademark of Chamber, Seekers of Skye, Orb slowing down of Sage, GravNet of Deadlock, Waterfall and High Tide of Harbor.
  • All skills that inflict Disoriented and Detained also apply Slowed.
Your movements are severely slowed down due to the Slowdown state.

Révélé (Revealed)

When you are revealed, your location is shown on the opposing mini-map and your silhouette is visible through the wallsThis gives away your position. There are two forms of this alteration: either you are Revealed continuously, in real time, or you are Revealed intermittently, via a frozen image of your silhouette at a given moment.

Skills that inflict this condition:

  • Trapwire of Cypher, Haunt de Fade and Reconnaissance Arrow, Drone Rapace and Hunter's Fury reveal themselves in real time.
  • Neural Theft and SpyCam reveal themselves through a frozen image of your silhouette.


When you are affected by the Silent damage you are unable to use or equip a skill. If you have equipped a skill and are hit afterwards, the skill is removed. Note that teleports are not affected, and that Raze's Boom-bot and Gekko's Altego are not deactivated.

Skills that inflict this condition:

  • POINT/Zero and CMD/null of KAY/O and Duel behind closed doors Iso.
Because of the Silent state, you cannot use your skills.

Combat Stimulant (Combat Stim.)

The Combat Stimulant modifier is not a malus, but a bonus. It results in a temporary increase in certain statistics: recovery speed, rate of fire and reload speed. Certain Agents benefit from other bonuses when they receive this alteration.

Skills that inflict this condition:

  • Steam Beacon of Brimstone. This skill also increases movement speed.
  • Empress de Reyna (individual). This skill also strengthens his other abilities.
  • Overloaded of KAY/O (individual). This skill also grants a life bonus (850HP) when KAY/O is shot. He can be relieved by an ally. KAY/O also emits pulses that silence opponents if they are hit.
The Combat Stimulant damage is a buff


Healing is not a malus either. When you have the Heal, your health is restored for the duration of the skill that heals you. HP acquisition is gradual. If the effect is active and you take damage, it is paused until you are considered safe.

Skills that inflict this condition:

  • Burning hand and Blaze in Phoenix, Healing Orb of Sage, Revitalization of Skye and Devour de Reyna
L'alteration Care in Valorant


When you suffer Vulnerable damage, you receive twice as much damage as normal. This concerns damage received by weapons, gadgets and skills launched at the time.

Skills that inflict this condition:

  • Snake Bite from Viper, Gravity well of Astra, Sape Iso, Bot alarm of Killjoy.
L'Vulnerable alteration in Valorant