One-Way: new pro technique on Valorant

Valorant players get to grips with Agents and their abilities, and new strategies start to emerge. One of them is likely to become essential: the One-Way.

The One-Way purpose is to create scenarios where you can see your opponents, without the converse being true. For this, we combine Agents’ abilities with basic geometry principles (no, come back, I swear it’s interesting!).

valorant one way explanation example 05

By slightly raising smokes, barriers or walls, you can sometimes position yourself so that you can see your opponents’ feet when they will have no way to know where you are. You can then shoot through the smoke to kill your carefree victim.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, let’s see the two ways of creating a One-Way:

One-Way by height

valorant one way explanation diagram 01
The green cone represents Jett’s field of vision.
The red cone represents Phoenix’s field of vision.

The first One-Way consists in taking advantage of the elevation of the maps. By positioning yourself lower than the opponent, you can naturally see in the space that separates your smoke from the ground.

One-Way by distance

valorant one way explanation diagram 02
The green cone represents Jett’s field of vision.
The red cone represents Phoenix’s field of vision.

The second way requires no elevation, but a very large space to get away from your smoke, while your opponent has no choice but to approach if they want to pass.

It’s not always necessary to block the entire opponent’s vision. By placing a smoke in a corner, you’ll be able to see your opponent’s feet before he can get around the smoke. You gain a much longer reaction time before the start of the fight.

If this technique works on Valorant and not other games like Counter-Strike, it's because their walls and smokes aren't as dependent on the ground.

Agents who can create One-Ways are:

  • Brimstone with Sky Smoke
  • Cypher with Cyber Cage
  • Jett with Cloudburst
  • Omen with Dark Cover
  • Sage with Barrier Orb
  • Viper with Poison Cloud
  • Astra with Nebula

Each of these Agents can more or less effectively create a One-Way. Jett is by far the easiest to master, thanks to her instantaneous ability which is triggered as soon as it hits a wall. However, her smoke screen does not stay in place for very long, which limits the use.

In the case of Cypher and Viper, you have to successfully play with the crates or the recesses of the environment to place the device and activate the screen. It’s more complicated, but since Viper’s transmitter can be picked up and re-used, she can at least afford to make a mistake.

Omen must necessarily use a recess in the decor and trigger his ability at the perfect timing. Complicated, but doable.

With Brimstone, it’s much more complicated since you have no way of choosing the exact height of his smoke. The latter falling from the sky, it usually need an arch or a balcony for it to work. The option is therefore much more limited.

Sage is a more specific case. Her wall necessarily comes out of the ground, but its base depends on where you place your cursor when it’s created. Therefore, the technique works, but in slightly more limited places. In addition, even if you can see your opponent, you won’t be able to shoot him in the body or in the head since the wall is solid.

Some YouTubers have started to compile the places where the technique works. They may not always be relevant, but these are probably just the beginnings of an art, and players mostly learn to spot where it could work.

Veinless presents the different Cypher One-Ways

For now, we are far from a regularity allowing us to use the One-Way without mistake and atr the right moments in a game.

It remains to be seen what Riot Games thinks of this technique. Did they anticipate it? And if not, will they try to prevent it? Watch this space.